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my name is Jenny I am a normal girl like any other I consider myself a very attractive girl, like every girl my greatest hope is to get married and that’s where my fiancé Tim comes in, he is a good man and I love him too but I have a secret to tell him before of getting married, I have an uncontrollable taste for black cocks, I love to feel like a monstrous black penis breaks my little and tender white pussy … that’s why I’ve decided to introduce my fiancé to my horse friend. He is my best friend and has always been my main fucker. his nickname is earned thanks to the big cock he has and if he knows how to use it, he has been fucking me so many times with that black cock that I no longer have the account, I invited him to my house so that my fiancé could meet him and see how he is his wife becomes a whore with him, so that the cuckold learns how a real man fucks a whore like me, so he showed him how big his cock is to Tim, he got upset at first but when saw how I began to suck the shock in shock … I could not believe that his pretty fiancée was behaving so fucking in front of his eyes, I must admit that he was watching me made me more horny than ever and things came out a little bit of control so much that my horse friend ended up filling my pussy with his milk, shooting a lot of cum inside of me, and what happened had to happen I was pregnant with him, the good thing about it was that my cuckold accepted that his new wife could not be satisfied with just one cock so I can now enjoy so many black cock want without him saying anything, my horse friend was our godfather at the wedding and gave me a great wedding gift before the ceremony, I wanted so much to marry the pussy full of milk of the godfather … Tim realized but he does not care after all he knows with the kind of bitch that got married and that he loves …