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one day in the morning I went to Stacey’s house, my girlfriend, I had the intention of inviting her to leave but at that moment she was not at home, apparently she was in her training as a cheerleader, while her mother was waiting for her, Mrs. Hart kept me company , something that always makes me uncomfortable, she is a very kind lady but … this is great, every time I’m in the same room I can not help but stay looking at her tits, and have erotic thoughts about her, sometimes even reaching to see my erections, something that of course bothers me a lot, but this time the roles changed, now that you could see that I could not take my eyes off her, the very bitch devoured me with her eyes, something I did not want Missing, we were chatting when he went to the topic that was what I liked most about his daughter, and what I like most about her are her tits, is there when the good thing began, the hot one of my girlfriend’s mom told me that if I liked those of Stacey then I would love hers, when he told me this sentence I was shocked, she began to take out of her blouse her big and delicious tits, inviting me to touch them, I did it in a frantic and foolish way, I had fantasized so much with what in that I did not know what to do. but she helped me, I go under the pantalos I take my hard cock between her hands and she began to suck me … it was delicious, the bitch was a professional sucking cocks, she made me the blowjob of my life, at the end I let her unload all my warm and white milk on her tits, never had released so much semen, I leave completely dry, the next day Stacey went on a trip to visit his dad, so my dear mother-in-law took the time to teach me how to fuck a slut like her in the ass, plus some other things more …