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I have given a great lesson about sex to my boyfriend I thought it would be good to learn how it is that you should satisfy a horny girl ​​like me, I am a very demanding woman if someone is going to try my nice ass you have to make sure to leave me totally satisfied, and what better teacher for my cuckold boyfriend than a black man with a monstrous cock, invite Marcus home a man I met recently, he has a huge cock! I love big cocks so of course that black guy is very my type … at first my foolish boyfriend seemed not to realize that it was the matter so I had to be direct with him, I wanted a rich cock to fuck me and He had to observe Marcus how he should treat a bitch like me, I was sure that learning from a black would help him a lot in our sexual relations, so I did observe how he sucked that huge black cock, I get excited both being acting so fucking in front of him !, after a while he began to resign and began to lick my tits while Marcus penetrated my wet pussy, finally was cooperating! What I liked the most was watching him lick my pussy while Marcus fucked me brutally, of course like a whore I got the hot little black man in my mouth but it was so much that the little guy had to help a little, he knew that being Learning from a black man how to treat a whore would help him a lot since that day my pussy is very well taken care of he has brought several of his friends to fuck me and that I love especially when when they all penetrate me at the same time, I can say his one insatiable whore and that I can never change ..