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jerrai incestia family comics presents incest candy 8: my name is Greg, and I want to tell you something that is happening to me with my sister Tessie, my sister and I were always very close, we were for each other either in classes or at home, we used to to go out together but since I entered the university we have distanced ourselves a little, my sister is a girl who, besides being very cool, is very beautiful, since she began to become a woman and had incestuous desires towards her. and maybe this crazy but I have the feeling that she also wants to try my cock, one day we were alone at home, she wanted to model for me in a couple of photos, she posed very sexy so I could not help but start feeling Excited by her, my cock had never been so hard before. I think she realized that, because each time her poses were more and more insinuating, until she got to the point where the bitch began to undress in front of me, my desire for her burned in my pants, things got more and more horny until we were already kissing passionately, I did not know how we could go from a simple and innocent photo session to be about to fuck, she took my cock between her delicate hands and began to suck me, I felt in Heaven, I had wanted this moment so much that I could not believe that it was really happening, she was sucking it delicious but I could not resist anymore, I needed to penetrate her pussy with anxiety, she got on me and started to ride my hard cock, I would never have thought that my younger sister was such a little bitch, in the end she asked me to give her all my sweet and white milk in her mouth, the bitch enameled the full face of my cum, it was such an exciting scene that just seeing her I could feel like I was coming for the second time, that day we spent the whole afternoon doing the sickest and most horny acts you can imagine, that afternoon my little sister became my whore, our relationship had never been better …