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jerrai incestia incest family comics incest candy 7 daddy's obsession: for some time I can not get a wicked idea out of my head, I have many sexual fantasies about my little daughter, she is no longer a girl and each time she is more beautiful, the idea that is my slut is eating me inside, and the thing worsened since my wife (his mother) and I separated, now we live alone at home and I fear I can not control. My bad wishes, I live masturbating with incest pornography, parents fucking with their daughters, I do not know why I thought that seeing that kind of pornographic material would help me, I had the silly idea that it would make my desires go away but it was not like that, He made me love him even more, he made me love him so much that on one occasion I went to a lingerie store and bought a very sexy outfit for my daughter, I thought I would give him the idea that he would use it, he put my cock very hard, but I could not . I bought it. I realized that it was a very inappropriate gift from me, it was certainly a mistake to buy it, but it was the best mistake I made in my life, because thanks to that bra and panties, I would do it. I met my lowest wishes, one day in the morning I surprised my girl by checking my things, I found my pornography and put on that sensual set, at first I thought I was terrified by what I had seen, but it was not like that. Apparently she had the same desires as me, I wanted to be dad's bitch, the bitch was naked right in front of my eyes and I'm going to enjoy her beautiful and innocent body, to touch her, I could feel how. my body shuddered with desire, she gently under my pants and began to suck my hard cock, she did it with tenderness and love, but at the same time like a slut slut, she also wanted to taste her sweet and wet pussy, so she started to licking her pink vagina, sipping the last drop of her hot juices, the moment had finally come to fulfill my fantasy, I began to penetrate her tight pussy, at first with a lot of patience since my princess had very little experience, but after a time our act was becoming more and more frantically that I fucked it deliciously in each of the positions that exist, I could feel my little girl trembling with pleasure in my arms, in the end she asked me to give her all the milk in the face and , of course, I did not say no to a request like that, seeing my daughter with her face full of my cum made me hotter than ever, without a doubt that scene was the most exciting that there was I was in my life, and it was only the beginning of a beautiful and incestuous relationship between father and daughter