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jerrai incestia presents incest candy 4 the dirty diary of my daughter: my daughter Heiley has acted a little strange lately so I decided to sneak into her room to take a look at her diary, it’s a dirty trick I know but I love my daughter and I will do everything necessary to make it okay so I need all the information that can be obtained, and there was just as I had suspected my daughter had been having incestuous fantasies with her own father, I never had relations with my father, but at his I must confess that I had the same fantasies, so I wanted to give my daughter what I never had … so I bought her clothes that she knew her father would love, she would help seduce him, at that moment I sent for a call, I could immediately notice that he was surprised to see his daughter with that little miniskirt, so I asked him directly if seeing his daughter dressed that way excited him, he turned red with grief, but I could notice that his cock started to get hard, That was the time when my little girl had to act so I told her to caress his crotch, he was stunned but on his face you could see how much he liked to see his princess touching his cock, she began to jerk him off Frantic way, the scene was so erotic that my pussy is dripping from just seeing, she could not resist licking her father’s cock so she foolishly started giving him a blowjob, it was certainly her first time but he seemed to love it since I could not hide his face with pleasure, my heart melted at the sight of Hailey lost in ecstasy while sucking his father’s cock! I knew that taking a look at his diary was wrong … but that perverse act allowed me to give my sweet baby the desire of his heart. After a while of making a team of mother and daughter sucking a big cock, it was time for my sweet princess to give her virginity to her father, at first it was difficult since her father’s cock was so big and hard I could not get into her pussy even though I was already dripping with how horny I was, but finally she could … we were fucking for a very long time, changing positions frequently, delivering our bodies to each other, I had so many orgasms that I lost the account … in the end the sweet Hailey received the sweet and white milk of his father from my pussy to his mouth, clean all my ass with his tongue in the most erotic way I’ve seen …. when I discovered My daughter’s naughty secret told me that presenting her to incest would fulfill her secret dreams, but as she thought about it more and more, I realized that my daughter had replaced my father with the object of my incestuous lust! .