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jerrai incestia family comics presents incest candy 2: a night like anybody was very quiet at home when I started to hear strange noises, at first I did not pay much attention to it but when going to the bathroom and going through my older brother’s room, I noticed that the noises came from inside, the door was a little open and I could not be curious, take a look and there was my older brother naked in his bed masturbating, it was something that left me perplexed, and more when I saw the size of his cock was very big and beautiful, I could not notice how my pussy began to get wet with that erotic spectacle, the thing is that he was jerking with the door half open and doing so much scandal, perhaps it would be that I wanted to discover it, it is something that I was about to find out, I went to his room and I was surprised and scared I was just smiled at me, all I could think about doing was approaching him and take his big cock in my hands and start chup kiss her, I’m a good girl and I can not let my little brother jerk off alone, it’s my duty to help him, I was in mine doing a blowjob like a real whore when I noticed that my father was at the door, at first I was scared much to see but then I noticed that I have caressed the leg, it seems that I was enjoying the show, and I said I am a good girl so I invited him to participate, that night was the most horny of my life, while the I sucked one the other fucked me, having those 2 big cocks for me alone made me eat so many times that I lost count, in the end as every slut wanted her pussy in my mouth, I wanted to taste the warm and white cum of my two favorite men, it was amazing, I glazed the entire face of that sticky liquid …. from that day I stopped being the little princess of the house to become the little whore of the family and that is something that I love .. .