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jerrai presents incest candy 1 daddies & daughters in love , first issue of the series taboo family comics: she is my daughter Susie for some time I have noticed that she spends her time provoking me, she wears very sexy clothes in the house and she does not lose opportunity to bend over in front of me showing me her beautiful ass, the truth is that this situation could not continue like this, my cock is already starting to hurt so hard that it was getting on, so I decided to give it a treat ... that day my daughter's door was a little open could hardly be seen but what little I could see was glorious, there was my little princess naked in her room, she could see that I was watching her and she started to move very sensually with almost no clothes on, no doubt I was flirting, that started our little incestuous game, we kept playing for a few days but that had to end, today would be the day I left games and go for much more, between very nervous to his room in the morning but she He smiled at me coquettishly breaking the ice, it was all I needed to confirm my suspicions, my daughter wanted me to fuck her, she confessed that I was a virgin and she wanted me to be the first, at that moment the only thing I could think about It was in her beautiful body, I passed my hands and mouth for each corner of her beautiful figure, then she took my cock and began to suck me, she made me a delicious blowjob, I wanted to lick her rich pussy and then be able to penetrate her, feel her juices in my mouth he made my cock harder than ever, at first the act was very careful about the matter of his virginity, but once I saw that the pain was gone, the act became more frantic, one moment I stop being my sweet princess to become my bitch, in the end I gave her all my white and warm milk in her beautiful and innocent face, seeing her like that bitch is something that captivates me, since that day I do not hesitate to please to my little daughter every time she needs it, and just see how to deny something to that sweet face ...