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Fitta Magazine presents a porn story starring Emma Watson in getting a job Emma! .. the beautiful and horny Emma is looking for a job she knows how hard the world of work is, everywhere she has applied for employment has been rejected so who has made a drastic decision … will have to do anything to get a job even if it means being someone’s slut. She has just dropped out of school and needs a lot of money. She sees a job advertisement as a waitress at La Fitta Restaurant. when entering there you can notice how the owner sees it from top to bottom, it is clear that he has noticed how sensual it is and will use that in his favor … she explains how much he needs the job and is willing to Doing anything for him … as soon as that boy heard that coming out of his mouth he already knew exactly what he would ask the young and slut girl, if he wanted the job he had to suck his cock! she loves to suck dicks so I accept immediately, she sucks it delicious so she put the cock of the manager very hard in the blink of an eye, but she was so horny and so hot that they ended up fucking right there in the middle restaurant, he ran into Emma’s warm pussy giving him one of the biggest loads of semen of his life, the hot girl was very happy thinking that he had already gotten the job but everything had been a hoax that boy was not the owner of the place, it was just a messenger … although that was not so much trouble for the little skunk girl she just had to fuck with the real owner and matter solved! if you liked this hot story taken from fitta magazine leave it in the comments and we will try to get more famous porn stories like this ..

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