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today is the Sara’s driving test day, she already took the driving test 4 times and her parents have given her an ultimatum if she does not pass this test there will not be more … the instructor knowing how she drives. He asked her to meet in a deserted place to practice before the test, she has become very pretty to try to flirt with him and thus earn some points. Sara did not ask her parents or a friend to take her, she drove on her own … as she always did not pay the slightest attention to the road she was distracted with her cell phone so much that she did not realize that the instructor was watching her. luckily for her her friend sent her a photo that would help her get her permission without problems … apparently days before her friend Jenny had an interesting lesson with the instructor, he fucked her the very bitch, she also wanted the permission so he started to jerk his cock and one thing took the other end finally getting into it, she had a picture of his cock, something that would serve to extort Sarah but, that cock looked so good and Sara was so horny she could not help wanting to try it after all they were in the middle of nowhere and a good cock that fucked her would not hurt at all … the instructor could not resist such a hot offer, Sara was as hot as a whore so she started to lick her exquisite and warm pussy, running her tongue through all his horny crotch … but she wanted more than oral sex, wanted to feel that hard cock inside her, Sara never imagined that man would fuck her so hard, she had fallen in its own game but he did it so well that he did not want to stop, he had never fucked her so hard and that he loved came again and again while he was destroying his ass, put his cock in his mouth he put it deep inside he could and ran in his throat. Sara came out with semen from her mouth but that still was not over, he put it back in her pussy and fucked her even harder, Sara came again and he was about to explode so he did it on her face bathing face of the bitch she enjoyed the hot little pussy that she had just given but enjoyed even more his approval to the driving license, the driving test day ended better than I expected had his permission and had received a good hard cock that her whore made her could not be better …