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when my daughter applied for a job as a personal assistant I thought it would be a disaster, I knew I had to hire her … my wife would kill me if I did not, but I can barely write I love her and to be honest even though it hurts to admit she is not very bright , but I must admit that it has been great to have her here! have the daddy’s little helper although of course she forgets my appointments, mixes the files and takes 3 hours of rest to eat … but is willing to work extra hours without contradicting me in the least and to my surprise, when we are alone not has the slightest problem in following the informal dress code that I have always asked my assistants. so I have my sensual daughter in my office with little clothes for several hours a day, we even came up with a little game, if she makes a mistake she has to take off a piece of clothing, first she loses her hold, and as she makes many mistakes she always ends up totally naked in less than an hour, and when she is naked she has to let Daddy touch her, of course that has not helped in the least the profits of the company, but hell! When I see your beautiful body, the only growth that matters to me is inside my pants. she knows how to please papa with her mouth giving me the best blowjobs of my life. My girl is so naive and anxious to please that horny pussy that she will do everything I ask of her if there is no contradiction. I have done many dirty things and she does not think that I am a pervert is so innocent that she believes that I fuck her as part of business, surely you think I am a terrible father to take advantage of that way of my sweet daughter, but what can I say when I see that sensual and young ass I can not resist, besides that she seems to enjoy it as much as I do, I am a pervert who loves to fuck her daughter and I am not ashamed to admit it, but having such a sexy daughter and slut I would do the same, she has been the best assistant I have ever had, she is the best whore I could ask for and that is why I am so happy to have hired her I hope she will remain for a long time the daddy’s little helper