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a group of bachelorette whores came with me and the boys we are poor wanderers who never thought I could be in an orgy like this and much less with women so hot and with such rich pussies but fortunately it happened, that group is ladies Somewhat mature but very sexy and whores offered us some alcohol and after their fuck their very wet and hot pussies, they were so drunk and horny that they did not mind fucking right there in an alley and with men as dirty and wild as we, I must admit that it’s been a long time since my cock was not so hard and eager to fuck. I had never had such sexy asses, those girls did behave like whores in bachelor parties. and we appreciate that very much if it weren’t for all that alcohol that day we would not have received those delicious blowjobs of cock from that group of strange little foxes, apparently they were all married to good men and that caused them a lot of morbidity. To be unfaithful to their affectionate husbands with a lot of wanderer with dirty cocks, it was a spectacularly pleasurable orgy, my friends and I filled their mature pussies with our very warm white milk. we could see how all our thick nectar slipped from their slut vaginas wetting their pretty tanguitas. as we knew all those whores got pregnant we do not know whose children they are since we all fill everyone’s pussy besides I think that their respective husbands will take care of those babies what I would like if they would ever come back to give them their ass we hope soon have another bachelorette party and come find our dirty rover cocks.