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the farmer's daughter is a beautiful country girl, she seems to be a normal girl but not she is, she is as horny as she is beautiful, a couple of days ago her father catches her fucking with one of her employees, before such situation he decided to punish her for life, she of course does not accept it and has a plan to solve this problem, since the day her father caught her with the farmer he looks at her with different eyes, he sees her with eyes of lust, and how to blame him since we have to admit that she is very good and she will use that in her favor. she has a time without going out so her pussy screams for a cock ... so she has decided to seduce her father so she would kill two birds with one stone, convince him to let her out again and remove that hot heat that burning inside, for it dressed like a whole little slut with a short shorts that would highlight her ass and a tight blouse that let her see her beautiful tits, was hanging around the house looking for the opportunity to stand in front of his father so that the I saw the beautiful little ass of his princess, also lost no opportunity to show her boobs in that low-cut blouse, that was more than enough just to go to his room and wait until his daddy was there, he did not take long to go to his room under the pretext of fixing a broken shelf, was there when he saw his daughter lying on the bed with her backside up screaming for a hard cock to penetrate, she soon noticed the prominent bulge in the crotch e his father, the farmer's daughter confronted him quickly asking if he would like to see her naked, he did not say anything when his little slut was already taking off her blouse her beautiful tits made her cock even harder, she started to suck it like all a professional bitch, a burning mamada incestuosa , no se resistió mucho cuando intentas quitarte las bragas y comenzar a follar a su hija, la puta se puso a cuatro patas mostrándole la prominencia de su trasero Papi, quería bañarla en su leche ya ella le gustó que viniera en toda su cara y sus senos, una descarga enorme la dejó totalmente bañada en esperma, pero ... estaba allí cuando escuchó un grito ... fue su madre quien había encontrado a su padre y su hija follando en casa, parece que el granjero hija perra no se deshizo del castigo cuando tuvieron dudas ...