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slutty nuns 13 (horny nuns) series of erotic porn comics of religious stories fucking with priests, father, priests, bishops, etc … a hot and horny nun goes to the room of one of the priests of his church, they should be working in his Bible lessons this week but the father has another more interesting and naughty idea, make the horny sister suck his hard cock, he knows that rumor is that she is a very slutty nun, who loves to fall in sin of lust especially if it is about sucking dicks, she accepts without problems begins to lick the head of the father’s penis horny .. the father begins to undress and takes a big surprise, she has totally shaved pussy, that confirms the priest’s suspicions that the nun in his church is a bitch, since you only brush off if you wait for someone to fuck you, he fucks her in various positions but if you take away the habit as that makes it even more erotic and hot, puts it in four to penetrate more thoroughly, the dog loves the feeling that a hard cock penetrates from behind … in the end she receives all the semen of the priest in her mouth, the taste of semen makes the horny nun gets even more horny and more when it is in a lot like the one fired by the father after a life of celibacy … this is the end of this short cartoon of slutty nuns of xmics if you have more chapters of these hot stories shared with the whole community by sending us the link or files in the section send comics for later publication.